Motor Control Products  from Prime Controls Co.   Lenze AC Tech, Hitachi
Lenze AC Tech manufactures a great line of variable frequency motor drives (inverters) in sizes from 1/3 to 40 HP. They are known for easy setup and have all the features normally needed.

Hitachi drives step up when the process is larger or more demanding or needs those special features. We handle sizes from 1/4 to 600 HP. They are a little more complex, but can "do it all!"

smvector SMVector Motor Drive
  • Reliable, economical, easy. Vector for best speed control
  • 120-600V models, 1/3 - 40HP
  • NEMA 4X models available, optional Integrated disconnect option
  • Optional Ethernet IP, DeviceNet, Modbus, Profibus, CANopen
PDF:   brochure     N4X datasheet     manual     remote keypad
submicro Sub Micro Drives
  • Basic, full-feaured and vector models
  • 120-600V models, 1/4 - 30HP
  • RS485 Modbus or DeviceNet (SCF only)
PDF:   brochure     SCM manual     SCF manual
mc MC Series Enclosed Drives
  • Variable or constant torque (MC1000/MC3000)
  • 120-600V models, 1/4 - 150HP
  • Nema 1,12,4 & 4X Stainless
PDF:     brochure     MC1000 manual     MC3000 manual
X200 X200 Series Drives
  • Basic drive for easy setup
  • 200/240 & 380/480V models, 1/4 - 10HP
  • Full-featured including RS485 Modbus RTU Standard
PDF:   brochure     manual
WJ200 WJ200 Series Drives
  • High starting torque, sensorless vector
  • 200/240 & 380/480V models, 1/4 - 25HP
  • Full-featured including RS485 Modbus RTU Standard
PDF:   brochure     manual
SJ700 SJ700B Series Drives - "For General Purpose Use"
  • Constant torque, variable torque or sensorless vector operation
  • 200/240V models 15-100HP, 400/480V models, 7.5-220HP
  • PLC functionality built-in
  • Modbus communications standard
PDF:   brochure     manual
SJ700 SJ700 Series Drives - "For More Precise Control"
  • Full vector operation, sensor or sensorless
  • 200/240V models 1/2-75HP, 400/480V models, 1-550HP
  • PLC functionality built-in
  • Modbus communications standard, DeviceNet or Profibus optonal
PDF:   brochure     manual
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