Enhanced Connectivity and Interface  from Prime Controls Co.   Maple Systems

New products from Maple Systems offer a variety of enhanced connectivity and interface capabilities.

  • HDMI Large Screen Display Driver
  • Wireless Connectivity for Tablets - iPad, Android or Windows
  • Protocol Converter/Gateway Device
  • Data Concentrator
  • Data Logger
Large Screen HDMI Driver An easy way to implement a large screen status display!

Whether you need an on-the-wall status monitor or a desktop supervisory control station, the new RMI5001 from Maple Systems can be just the thing. It's basically a Maple Systems Touch Screen HMI without the screen. It has the processor and communications portions of a Maple HMI, but instead of a screen it has an HDMI output jack. Take it to your screen, wall-mount or desktop, or use it without a screen. It even works with touch screen monitors (tested with Viewsonics, should work with a variety of others).

Smart Device Compatible HMI Connect tablets, smart phones or computers to your control system.

The new RMI5010 connects to your control devices with three comm ports and two Ethernet ports and to iPads, or Android tablets or smart phones over your wireless network. A free App from the Apple or Google stores implement the communication. For windows devices, Maple's EZware Plus now includes the app, with a standalone version expected to be available soon.

Additional uses for these devices

Because the RMI5001 and RMI5010 have three comm ports plus Ethernet ports, they can connect to multiple devices at the same time, using multiple protocols. This enables them to transfer data between other devices that can't communicate directly, working as a gateway or protocol converter. They can also act as a data concentrator, gathering data from multiple devices for and making it available to others.

Either the RMI5001 or RMI5010 can act as a blind data logger, logging to internal memory or an SD or USB memory. Access the data with an FTP client or back up manually or under program control to a USB or a networked computer.

These devices program like an HMI touch screen. Easy to use. An inexpensive way to add modern connectivity to your system.

HDMI Output
to your
Large Screen Monitor
  • 1280 x 720 Hi-Res HDMI Output 16.2M Colors
  • Ethernet + 1 x RS-232 + 2 x RS485, USB, SD
  • cULus, CE, ROHS compliant
PDF:   datasheet
Remote Tablet Access
to your
Control System
  • Concurrently connect up to 3 tablets
  • 2 x Ethernet + 1 x RS-232 + 2 x RS485, USB, SD
  • cULus, CE, ROHS compliant
PDF:   datasheet
Local Display
for your
  • 9.7" TFT 1024 x 768 pixels, 262,000 colors
  • Ethernet connection to RMI5010
  • cULus, CE, ROHS compliant
PDF:   datasheet
ezware EZware   (free download)
  • Configuration software for HMI family
  • over one hundred PLC drivers
  • strong macro language for special needs
PDF:   HMI Series brochure (6.5 MB)
Maple Systems has a great support center
at their website MapleSystems.com;
call us with questions, for quotes or to order.