HMI/SCADA Software  from Prime Controls Co.   Indusoft Web Studio from Maple Systems
Web Studio is a powerful HMI/SCADA software package designed and produced by Indusoft and marketed by Maple Systems. It turns your computer (May it be a Maple Systems Panel PC or Open HMI!) into a powerful Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition center able to command and monitor your controllers, log data and produce reports. It is scalable for a wide range of applications, huge if needed, but inexpensive when small.

Create your projects much like programming touch screen HMI's using the Web Studio development system. Install a "Runtime Package" in each target computer to execute your projects.

Web Studio allows web access to control and monitor remotely using Internet Explorer, Indusoft Secure Viewer or the Studio Mobile Access (SMA) for cell phones. It can also email reports and alarms.

scada Web Studio HMI/SCADA Software
  • Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition
  • View, control, datalog and report
  • over 240 drivers for PLC's and motion controllers
  • strong macro language for special needs
PDF:   introductory pages       More info:   Web Studio at Maple Systems website

Pricing examples: The most common package is 1500 tags (variables), both developer and runtime licenses $1095. The least costly package would be a 150 tag variable system for local operation in a Windows CE platform such as a Maple Systems Open HMI. The development software would cost $473; one runtime license would cost $150, total $623.

Maple Systems has a great support center
at their website;
call us with questions, for quotes or to order.