Flow Meters and PH Sensors  from Prime Controls Co.   Burkert Controlmatic Corp
Burkert manufactures fluid control products - solenoid valves, proportional control valves, flow and PH sensors among them. Prime Controls Co. has been a distributor of Burkert products for many years. Call us for more information, for quotes or to order.
8025 Type 8025 Paddle Wheel Flow Sensor
  • 4-20mA or frequency output
  • fittings available for pipe sizes to 16"
  • local, panel mount or wall mount version
PDF:   datasheet
8039 Type 8039 Paddle Wheel Flow Sensor
  • frequency output to flow/rate meter
  • NPN and/or PNP or Relay threshold ouput
  • 1/2 to 2" NPT or G
PDF:   datasheet
8205 Type 8205 Digital pH Transmitter
  • local or remote probe, pipes or tanks
  • flat glass probe, self cleaning, abrasion free
  • output 4-20mA, optional relays
PDF:   datasheet
For more information about Burkert's products,
see them at burkert-usa.com;
call us for quotes or to order.