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Gems Sensors and Controls, founded in 1955, is a global supplier of sensing and control solutions. Gems designs and manufactures a broad portfolio of liquid level, flow, and pressure sensors, miniature solenoid valves, proximity switches and integrated fluid management solutions.

B/W Controls, now part of Ametek Automation and Process Technologies, has manufactured liquid level controls for the water and wastewater industry since the 1930's. Their sensing relays pass a small current through the liquid to sense the level. They still make the electro-mechanical sensing relay, a direct replacement for discontinued Warrick relays.

Several of the most common items are normally in stock at Prime Controls Company. Call us for more information, for quotes or to order.

Gems RLI Radar Level Radar Level Sensors for Liquids
  • Non-Contact = Zero Contamination Risk & Maintenance-Free
  • High Accuracy in Challenging Medias & Environmental Conditions
  • Easy to Install & Retrofit on Existing Tanks
  • RLI-70 26.25’ (8m), RLI-80 to 49.21’ (15 m)
PDF:   RLI-70 datasheet   RLI-80 datasheet
1500 Level Sensing Relays
  • electro-mechanical current sensing relay with built-in transformer
  • secondary voltage selected for resistance of the media
  • several configurations of 1,2 or 3 contacts
  • direct replacement for Warrick Series 1 relays
PDF:   datasheet   catalog section   conversion from Warrick
5200 Solid State Level Sensing Relays
  • solid state sensing circuit energizes 10A 3PDT relay
  • low sensitivity or high, variable potentiometer or fixed resistors
  • several fixed resistors included for various sensitivities
PDF:   catalog section
6012 6013 Electrode Holders and Electrodes
  • the process end of the sensing system, electrodes in the liquid
  • rods of various metals or wire suspension electrodes
  • many configuration of electrode holders
PDF:   catalog section
7330 Analog Liquid Level Transmitter
  • magnestostrictive technology, 4-20mA output
  • 316SS to 24', PVDF to 40'
  • Food Grade 180 grit or 3A Sanitary 240 grit to 10'
PDF:   catalog section
7010-A-4-A-20 and 7010-A-4-B-20
are the only models
legal to sell in California
Liquid Level Float Switch
  • simplest technology to implement
  • use hanging or tethered
  • 7010-A-4-A-20 normally in stock
PDF:   catalog section
7014 UnifloatTM Multipoint Level Switch
  • up to 12 magnetic latching reed switches
  • brass or 316SS tube 1' to 24', PVC to 9'
  • cast iron or 316SS head
PDF:   catalog section
Gems Warrick Warrick Conductivity Controls
  • long-term manufacturer, now part of the Gems family
  • Series A, AM 19MR and DC Level Controls
  • Series 16 and 16M Level Controls
  • Series 26 and 26M Low Level Cutoff Controls
  • all available Warrick Products by special order