Presence and Position Sensors  from Prime Controls Co.   Balluff Inc.
Balluff Inc., founded in 1921, is one of the world's leading sensor manufacturers. Balluff was one of the companies who invested in the development of the proximity switch and an original patent holder of that technology. They now offer a wide range of sensors using various technologies. The most common Balluff proximity sensors are in stock at Prime Controls Company for immediate delivery.
prox Inductive Proximity Sensors
  • sense metallic objects
  • tubular 3 mm to 30 mm, block 5x5x25 mm to 80x92x40 mm
  • sensing distances 0.8 mm to 120 mm
  • many specialty sensors: high temp, weld immune, steel face, stainless, etc.
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capacitive Capacitive Proximity Sensors
  • non-metallic and metallic materials
  • can sense smaller parts than inductive sensors
  • 8 mm to 50 mm, sensing distances 1.5 mm to 30 mm
  • DC 3-wire and AC/DC 2-wire
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optical Photoelectric Sensors
  • thru beam, retroreflective, polarized, diffuse, laser
  • distance measurement, background suppression, fixed focus
  • color mark, full color, luminescence
  • tubular, block, slot, grid, window, heavy duty, miniature, fiber optics
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linear btl Linear Position Transducers, Magnetostrictive
  • highly accurate, analog or pulse outputs
  • lengths 1" to 300" (model dependent)
  • many packages: rod, profile, low-profile, tube, plunger
  • rugged and explosion-proof models available
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linear bil Linear Position Sensors, Magneto-inductive
  • short distance linear sensing
  • output 0-10V and 4-20mA, connect to either
  • 2" and 6" measuring ranges
  • easy to mount and use
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cylinder Cylinder and Valve Sensors
  • monitor pneumatic cylinders to endure full travel
  • senses magnet in piston through aluminum walls
  • styles and brackets for all major valve manufacturers
  • e-mail your cylinder part number, we'll find the right units
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ultrasonic Ultrasonic Sensors
  • object detection, distance measurement, level sensing
  • ranges 25-250 mm (1-10") to 600-6000 mm (2-20')
  • transmitter (0-10V or 4-20mA) and/or switch (PNP or NPN)
  • fixed or adjustable models, teach by remote, button or magnet
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accessories Sensor Accessories
  • mounting accessories like you've never seen!
  • brackets, blocks, clamps, holders, rails, rods
  • optical reflectors, apertures, lenses, caps
  • sensor testers, signal conditioning, panel displays
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