Eagle Signal CX Series Timers  from Prime Controls Co.
CX Series Digital Microprocessor Timer/Counters
    • digital readout, digital set
    • basic, advanced, repeat and dual setpoint models
    • commonly used to replace Cycl-Flex; requires minor wire change
    • well stocked at Prime Controls Company

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CX Series Part Numbers
Part NumberDescriptionPower
CX100A6Repeat Cycle Timer120VAC
CX100B6Repeat Cycle Timer240VAC
CX202A6Basic Timer/Counter, AC Count Input120VAC
CX202B6Basic Timer/Counter, AC Count Input240VAC
CX202K6Basic Timer/Counter, AC Count Input208VAC
CX311A6Advanced Timer/Counter, DC Count Input120VAC
CX311B6Advanced Timer/Counter, DC Count Input240VAC
CX311Z6Advanced Timer/Counter, DC Count Input24VAC
CX311A6Advanced Timer/Counter, AC Count Input120VAC
CX311B6Advanced Timer/Counter, AC Count Input240VAC
CX411A6Dual Setpoint Timer/Counter, DC Count Input120VAC
CX412A6Dual Setpoint Timer/Counter, AC Count Input120VAC