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Eagle Signal was founded in 1923, a manufacturer of traffic signals. In those days traffic signals were timers; the company started making timers for industrial applications and became the largest manufacturer in both markets. In 1992 Eagle Signal became part of the Danaher Controls Industrial Group, merged with Veeder-Root Counters and Dynapar Encoders. Even in this day of programmable controllers, there is still a need for stand-alone instruments. The most popular Eagle Signal timers are in stock at Prime Controls Company for immediate delivery.
hp5 HP5 Cycl-Flex® Electromechanical Interval Timer
  • industry standard for decades, millions installed
  • 16 time ranges from 1/6-5 seconds to 2-60 hours
  • resistive output rating 10A @120 VAC, 5A @ 240 VAC
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hg1 HG1 Cycl-Flex® Electromechanical Repeat Cycle Timer
  • separately adjustable On and Off times
  • dual SPDT output switches
  • 11 time ranges from 1/2-30 seconds to 1-60 hours
  • repeat accuracy 0.5% of dial
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hq9 HQ9 Cycl-Flex® Electromechanical Percent Timer
  • SPDT switch transfers for percentage of fixed cycle time
  • 9 time ranges from 15 seconds to 120 minutes hours
  • often used for heat control or machine lubrication
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CX Series Digital Microprocessor Timer/Counters
  • digital readout, digital set, more accurate
  • basic, advanced, repeat and dual setpoint models
  • commonly used to replace Cycl-Flex; requires minor wire change
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sx SX210 Series Digital Microprocessor Timer
  • digital readout, digital set
  • large LED readout
  • time ranges from 0.01-99.99 Sec. 99 Hr. 59 Min.
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c628 C628 "Awesome" Timer
  • SPDT relay and NPN output actuated at setpoint
  • 1/8 DIN package, large display - .071" (18 mm)
  • Veeder-Root brand sold with Eagle Signal timers
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b series
B Series 1/16 DIN Timers
  • selectable timing modes and ranges
  • front panel mount or relay socket
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bre BRE Surface Mount Timers
  • Factory Mutual (FM) Approved oven purge timers
  • direct replacement for older BR series
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C342 Time Totalizer
  • ultra-compact 1/32 DIN size
  • LCD or LED, battery power or 12-24VDC
  • NPN/PNP or AC/DC inputs
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hk HK Time Totalizer
  • popular package, reset or non-reset
  • 99999.9 hours or minutes or 999999 seconds
  • 120 or 240 VAC models
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732 Redington Hour Meters
  • small, low cost, industry standard
  • 90-264 AC or 10-80 VDC
  • NEMA 4X when mounted with optinal gasket
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63 Redington Model 63 LCD Hour Meter
  • 8 digits, hour, minutes or seconds and tenths
  • dual option has resetable and non-resetable totals
  • twin option can totalize two independent inputs
  • internal lithium battery or 5-28 VDC
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