Touch Screen Operator Terminals  from Prime Controls Co.   Maple Systems
Maple Systems has specialized in industrial operator interface products for over 28 years. Their original products were the keypad and numeric display operator terminals; they added touch terminals in 2000 and touch computers in 2006.

Maple Systems touch screen operator terminals are packed with features - high-resolution-high-color graphics, pop-up windows, Ethernet and multiple comm ports on most models and multi-lingual labels on all. They can communicate with almost any PLC currently manufactured and many obsolete ones and support specialty protocols like BACnet for building automation; some have CANbus. With the included VNC server, you can control all Ethernet models remotely from a computer, cell phone or other smart device. They can log events or data; retrieve the data with USB or via FTP, or they can automatically write it to a networked computer. Several models have metal aluminum enclosures with baked-on finish. Some include email capabilities. No grid cell matrix; put anything, anywhere, any size.

Features the big brands don't have!
Prices the discount brands can't beat!
Maple Systems HMI's "Advanced Series" Models have all the features.

  Grouped here by communications capabilities.
  Click on Model No. for spec sheet.
Advanced HMI Series brochure (22 MB)
WiFi + Ethernet, 2 Serial Ports
HMI5103L10.1"1024 x 600Lt Gray 
Dual Ethernet, 2 Serial Ports + CANbus
HMI5097DXL9.7"1024 x 768Dk Gray 
Dual Ethernet, 2 Serial Ports
HMI5070DL7"800 x 480Lt Gray 
Ethernet, 2 Serial Ports + CANbus
HMI5070P7"800 x 480Dk GrayAluminum Case
HMI5121P12.1"1024 x 768Dk GrayAluminum Case
HMI5150P15"1024 x 768Dk GrayAluminum Case
Ethernet, 2 Serial Ports
HMI5071L7"800 x 480Lt Gray 
HMI5070L7"800 x 480Lt GrayClass 1Div 2
HMI5070LB7"800 x 480Dk GrayClass 1Div 2
HMI5070NL7"800 x 480Lt GrayNO UL
HMI5097NXL9.7"1024 x 768Dk GrayNO UL
HMI5100L10.1"800 x 480Lt Gray 
HMI5102L10.1"1024 x 600Lt Gray 
HMI5121XL12.1"1024 x 768Dk GrayAluminum Case
HMI5150XL15"1024 x 768Dk GrayAluminum Case
Ethernet, 1 Serial Port
HMI5043L4.3"480 x 272Lt Gray 
HMI5043LB4.3"480 x 272Dk Gray 
Maple Systems HMI's "BASIC SERIES" Models are great for "basic" needs,
  cost less, but have limited features and no UL.

  Before ordering, read the brochure for details.
Basic HMI Series brochure (26 MB)
Ethernet, 2 Serial Ports
HMI5100B10.1"1024 x 600Dk GrayBasic Series, NO UL
Ethernet, 1 Serial Port
HMI5040B4.3"480 x 272Dk GrayBasic Series, NO UL
HMI5070B7"800 x 480Dk GrayBasic Series, NO UL
2 Serial Ports, NO Ethernet
HMI5100BN10.1"1024 x 600Dk GrayBasic Series, NO UL
1 Serial Port, NO Ethernet
HMI5040BN4.3"480 x 272Dk GrayBasic Series, NO UL
HMI5070BN7"800 x 480Dk GrayBasic Series, NO UL
Maple Systems HMI's program with EZware Plus  (free download)
  • Easy to use for basic functions
  • strong macro language for special needs
  • over 250 protocols
Maple Systems has a great support center
at their website;
call us with questions, for quotes or to order.